Friday, December 14, 2012 | By: Huda Engku

That's Love

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books and hot drink on a rainy day
that is love, for all i know.
the love that has taken me far
across some wild imagination
or merely, a simple life of a plain Jane.

oh heck, why should i care
for all that i do and all that i go to,
all with the one that i love called,
as you have guessed it,

i mean, what else could there be?
what else could there be other than BOOKS?

books are the ones
willing to see me happy
see me cry, angry or…
maybe shy,
when books take me to a scene
of things behind a closed door
between a man and a woman
on a bed without clothes on them.
oh hell yeah, it got me blushing all right!
don’t get me wrong
but things DO happen like that, right?
and how should i know
when my community keeps it quiet
shuts it away like it never existed?
i should at least, have a clue,
thank you o’dear books
for teaching me of reality,
of truth
of God
of right
and wrong.

i walk, i sit in the train
i see people staring
like i’m some kind of alien
who got kicked out from my planet
maybe Mars, or some place outside the Milky Way.
they then couldn’t help but look at the cover
of the book i’m holding
and they start doing what they are best at: judging me
whispers, and cynical laughter
oh shit i feel like i want my books
to hit them on the face!

why of why can’t they be like books,
who, as always, see me without judgement
and always ready to take me
on a journey
to learn the beautiful and ugly things
that reality and imagination can offer
then later become
the beauty

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