Thursday, March 17, 2011 | By: Huda Engku

Baca@LRT [Big YAY!]

Once again, it's time for Baca@LRT - an effort to help people realise that reading is cool and can be done anytime, anywhere especially when you're waiting for the LRT or in it. It's fun! And plus, you get to find friends who treasure books and knowledge through Baca@LRT, and I say, friends like that could enhance reading experience and make reading even more fun. Seriously, who says you have to read only when you're alone. And who says those who read a lot are no fun at all? I read. My sisters read. My dad reads. My friends read. And when we hang out, we do have fun. Mind you, book lovers do watch movies, play bowling and listen to rock music too, okkkkkaaaayyyy!

This time Baca@LRT is collaborating with
Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM)
So, if you're a first timer, this is what you need to do:
  1. Go to Baca@LRT group in Facebook;
  2. join the group by clicking 'Join' (it's an open group so there should be no problem in joining straight away);
  3. look out for notices (usually they will send you messages informing about Baca@LRT's latest activity);
  4. once you get the message on Baca@LRT's latest event, check whether you're free or not at that time. If you are, make sure you save it for Baca@LRT;
  5. if you have decided to join any activity, make sure you be there on time so that you won't miss out anything; and
  6. don't forget to bring you book anywhere you go, and have fun reading!
To show your support, put this up as your profile picture.
For Baca@LRT March 2011, these are what you need to do:
  1. Register yourself at or check out the event page in Facebook (so that Baca@LRT team would have the rough idea on how many are coming);
  2. be at Terminal Putra Gombak LRT station at 10:15am on Sunday, March 20;
  3. buy your ticket to Taman Jaya (because that's where all of us are stopping);
  4.  if possible, look out for those who are joining as well (they could be your new good friends!);
  5. board the LRT as soon as it arrives;
  6. find your own seat (or if you have to stand up, find somewhere safe so that you won't fall);
  7. after a few minutes, take out your book and start reading until you reach Taman Jaya LRT station;
  8. stop at Taman Jaya LRT station; and
  9. you are free to go anywhere you want after that but I recommend you to go to Armcorp Mall right opposite Taman Jaya LRT station, find BookXcess where you might find books from your favourite author at an unbelievably cheap price!

have a fun reading everyone!


lylaROCKprincess said...

see you there...

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Lyla: yeeeehhhhaaaaaa!!! See ya..

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