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New Book vs Old Book



Went to BookXcess last Saturday. They were having Anniversary Sale and I bought two hardcover Cecelia Ahern's books for RM19.90 each! What a bargain! NP: RM69.90

And I also bought Little Miss Sunshine book! It's so cute and it's only RM2.90!

I bought two other books which I gave one to Alin and another one to Adik, to get them used to reading in English.

And now ladies and gents.. I would like to announce that,

I AM BROKE!! Haha!!



My mom was rearranging the furniture because the new set of sofa came yesterday and I came across an old book while putting the books on the shelves. My parents bought a few sets of Walt Disney books when I small. When they first bought the books, I loved to browse through them because of the pictures which I found interesting. I even browsed through the different sets of encyclopedia. So if I'm so into books and pleasure reading, my parents are responsible for that! *grin*

One of the books, which I don't think I understood when I was younger, is even more interesting to me now, so I took the book and instead of putting it back to the shelf downstairs, I keep it in my room. The title is 'Rhymes And Riddles, Gags And Giggles'.

So I leave you now with some of the riddles taken from the book.
A: Why do bees hum?
B: Because they don't know the words.

A: Why do cows wear bells?
B: Because their horns don't work.

A: What word do you always say wrong?
B: Wrong.

A: Did you take a bath today?
B: No. Is one missing?

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