Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | By: Huda Engku

Reading IS Fun!

Lately I think I’m regressing. I need to focus on one thing and I know what the priority should be but it’s so hard to proceed with the plan. But then, sooner or later I would still have to let go, for self-improvement, right? I love my Khalifah family and Khalifah Method changed me as a person. I am a better person now, though not the best yet.

Anyway, a lot of things have been going on lately. I have two new good friends now! Lyn+Yue, love you girls! And they are AWESOME!!! And I’ve met a lot of other new people – good people I should say because they are people who read and think, the type who go for knowledge.

This 25th April (Sunday), once again, there will be baca@LRT campaign, an event made successful by the community to instill good reading habit while using the LRT (Light Rail Transit – an intra-city train system in Kuala Lumpur). This month’s theme would be ‘Beri’ (Give) where you’d bring book for yourself to read and at the same time, other books for your friends. I’ve put aside books for Lyn and Yue and still thinking whether I should bring other books for other people too.

And I’m going to dig inside the pile of books at home, mostly old children books, for charity. I heard Kinokuniya together with UNICEF is setting up a charity book collection - a good deed indeed. Seriously, our house is full of books and many are old books! My family bought most of them when we were living in Leeds years ago. We loved going to car-boot sale at various places and we bought good books at cheap and affordable price! Hardcover Enid Blyton book for 20p each (at that time, it would be about RM1.60), how can a little girl resist the temptation to buy the books?

Talking about books and reading experience would bring me back to fifteen years ago when the teacher read to us at Greenmount Primary School around 15 minutes before we went home. The teacher would read to us a few pages from the selected book. It was exciting (though I kept quiet most of the time, hehe!). I think that is another effort Malaysian school could adapt to instill love for books and reading in young people.

Well, loving books and reading are not something you can force people to do. They need to be shaped (there you go, application of Khalifah Method!). You won’t get the result overnight. Trust me. And when someone managed to read more than they used to willingly, we should reward them (another application of Khalifah Method), let it be a few extra pages a day or a few more books in a week time. Rewarding people doesn’t mean giving them expensive stuff, it’s as simple as smiling and praising them for it, making sure that they are acknowledged for reading and their improvement.

Reading and seeking knowledge should be made ‘fun’. Reading fills your free time with something exciting! And you’d get to train your brain to process data when you’re trying to imagine what the writer is trying to tell you through his words. The more active your brain is, the more critical your thinking skill would be. It is also fun when you know a lot of stuff through reading, it’s easy to join in mostly any conversation because you know what others are talking about. When you know a lot too, it’s not easy to fool you. If you’re cheated for your ignorance, who should you blame? Think about it.

I wish I could keep writing, but I need to get myself to bed. I’m going to drive mom to the polyclinic in the morning for her regular check-up.

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