Sunday, March 14, 2010 | By: Huda Engku


Yehaaaa!!!! Went to BookXcess (finally! Alhamdulillah) with Lyn and Noyu. Thanks to Lyn for showing around and allowing me to use her membership card. I was in FEAR when I saw the price tags - RM9.90 - RM19.90 per book. I was afraid I might not be able to control myself and start buying a lot of books - more than the estimated budget I have in mind. Let's not forget KL International Book Fair is just around the corner. Don't expect me to go back from the fair not buying anything. We're talking about BOOKS here, not clothes or cell phones or other electrical appliances! I bought a new phone - there was guilt in my heart. I bought a new bag - there was guilt creeping in. I bought a new purse - guilt was there too. I bought books - I'm waiting for guilt to fill in my heart, but couldn't find it anywhere. Helllooooooo... GUILT, are you there? No? Don't come in okay!!!

Anyway, I bought six books at BookXcess. I bet if I were to buy them at other bookstores, I would be paying almost RM300 - RM500!

But I did not get to spend more time with the girls - Lyn & Noyu. Sorry girls. I have to make proper arrangement next time then. Why don't you girls bring me a box of cupcakes the next time? And I miss Boost Juice Bars's King William Chocolate Low-fat Smoothies. Get me that too, could you? (Haha! Maaf minta bukan-bukan. Zalimkah saya?).

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