Monday, October 27, 2008 | By: Huda Engku

New Books On The Shelf

I went to Popular book store last week and I was (again) lured by books there. At first I bought a book about making money with words. Then I saw this promotion, buy three books for the price of two, I was excited. Man... I could not stop myself. I took time choosing three books, then... of course, I went to pay. There went my money. I was going to buy a pair of jeans with that money, really... I want to look good but I guess books win over good look (duh!).

Yesterday I went to National Library and borrowed three books - two for my study, and another one for leisure - Sherlock Holmes. It's really thick and I don't even know when I'm ever going to finish the book - but I would try. Heee...

I might do the review on those books that I've bought. But not now. It's late and I've got work to do.

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