Saturday, September 27, 2008 | By: Huda Engku

How to talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere - The Secrets of Good Communication

This is a book written by Larry King together with Bill Gilbert. I borrowed it from my Mama angkat and she let me borrow the book. This book interests me because I love having company and that means I need to talk to avoid boredom and yeah, because I like to talk especially when I got the flow right - so I need to know the secrets on how to communicate well with others. I haven't finished reading it yet but hope to finish it before end of this semester.

Larry King wrote that the basic of successful conversation are honesty, having the right attitude, putting interest in the other person and openness about yourself. I guess they are true, judging them from my own experience. He also stated things to say when you are talking with strangers - who are not your family or friends, what kind of questions you should avoid (because they could stop your conversation from expanding) and the first and the main rule of conversation - LISTEN. When you listen, you'll be alert to what the speaker says, could predict what will come next and eventually you would know through what you're listened to, the things you could talk about later on in the conversation. It is an essential rule to effective communication (obviously, if you're not listening, you could get the information wrong and misunderstanding could occur). So people, polish up your listening skill.

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